Partners & Affiliates

We are very excited to announce a new partnership! Beginning March 2016, Regal Pet Services will partner with Loudoun K9, who offer professional dog training services to the Loudoun, Va area. 
Our goal is to provide our clients with trustworthy referrals so that you and your family receive the best care possible.

Loudoun K9

Loudoun K9's training philosophy was born from the belief that there is no "one size fits all" approach to learning in terms of human or K9. Therefore, to be an elite trainer neither can the methods or programs be the same. This core belief is what sets Loudoun K9 apart in both efforts and results! We offer custom training programs that involve as much, or as little, of your personal time as you want to invest. Through our love for dogs, from puppy and pet to companion and K9, we discovered a better way to train dogs and relate to clientele that the current market doesn't offer.
Obedience Training with Behavior Modification